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Kirkwood Properties has a long history of being a family owned and operated business in Ontario




It’s founders Ciro and Angelina Pidutti moved to Sudbury from Italy after World War II to start a new life in Northern Ontario. They opened a barber shop on Minto Street that catered to the city’s growing immigrant population. Their eldest child, Emilio, possessed a flair for fashion and unequaled ambition. He helped grow the business to 6 locales province wide.

The family subsequently started a small construction company called Lorne Investments. They started building a few homes on Lorne Street in Sudbury and expanded from there. Emilio eventually took over the family business and created what came to be known as Bin Management Inc.

Emilio’s enterprising spirit and vision brought his development business to Barrie in 1984. His first project was the Cedar Point Business Park at the intersection of Highway 400 and Dunlop Street. It was a unique and daring commercial development for its time, and Emilio executed it well.

From that point on, Bin Management experienced rapid growth in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors with Emilio constructing the majority of its real estate portfolio. The company eventually owned and managed residential and commercial properties in Sudbury, Barrie, Toronto, Calgary and Brampton. He ran the company alongside his two sisters.

During this time, Emilio witnessed his daughter Angela establish and grow Cravings Fine Food, a widely popular cafe and catering business in Barrie’s south end. His youngest daughter Sarah established a successful alternative medicine clinic out West.

Emilio, a man of faith and family, passed away at Health Sciences North in Sudbury on June 11, 2013 after a long battle with cancer. He is dearly missed by his family and his management team, many of whom still work for Kirkwood Properties.

The properties owned by Bin Management Inc. were subsequently distributed between Emilio’s immediate family members after his passing. Angela, through her company Kirkwood Properties, owns and operates a large part of this real estate portfolio from the company’s headquarters at 18 Collier Street in Barrie. Honouring her father’s core values of business, Angela and her team have continued to operate the business with a precise attention to detail, responsible and efficient management and a talented employee team. Kirkwood Properties prides itself in being an active corporate citizen.